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here's not much that we won't do to help our clients, something they depend upon.  Whether it's a slam-dunk introduction to Windows XP for a job interview THIS AFTERNOON! or an Individual Learning Plan to tackle atrocious speeling spelling, it's pretty much our job to figure out some way to give them what they're asking for...or what they need.

All this hyper-flexibility leads to some headaches now and again, and you don't even want to see our DayTimers (or Palm Pilots).  But we've been doing it for 10 years, and we have the routine down.

We do have some formal structure, though.  Our main efforts are divided into Adult and Youth Programs.  And we've had some "special" programs over the years, as well as we're committed to the idea of sharing resources through our computer distribution program, through which we refurbish computers to give away to kids and other organizations.

Ask us on any given day which one we love the most, and you'll get a different answer from the day before.